Marilyn Steele, Ph.D.

Jungian Psychologist • Author • Artist • Dream Weaver • Leadership Mentor

We women are wild and sacred.

We are wayfinders. Pilgrims. Pioneers.

We are mythmakers, revolutionaries, dreamers, and doers. Creativity, ancient wisdom and visionary thinking are your natural gifts. Take the lead. Dive in.

Step into your greatness and out to the world.

Ready to listen to a new way of being, a new story?

Come with me on a journey of discovery.

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Looking forward to our journey…

A year ago, my life as I knew it was burned to the ground, and I was groundless. I was searching for answers and direction. Dr. Marilyn has been a godsend, really and truly. We need to access our inner feminine energy and reintroduce this energy into the world if we want to keep our home healthy and survive as a species. Dr. Marilyn is a modern-day spirit guide, here to help lead us on this new journey, through the mysteries of our beautiful lives on this planet.

Dr. Brianna Mann, Psychologist and Sacred Ecology Entrepreneur

I came to you hoping to find my own voice again. In our relationship, I found a place to say what I know inside, a place for me to begin to speak as a woman. Thank you for the legacy of your voice. May it someday reach every woman.

Michelle Becker, LMFT, Co-Founder San Diego Center for Well-Being; Compassion for Couples program

Thank you, Dr. Marilyn, for lighting the fire of hope in the wilderness.

Bonnie Bright, PhD, Founder Depth Psychology Alliance, Transformative Soul-Centered Coach
Dr. Marilyn created a holy container. I could feel the magic we’re creating together moving in the ether in and around me.  
Dorene Mahoney, Executive Coach • Consultant

Dr. Steele is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to explore the deeper journey inside.  Regardless of why you need to look, explore, evaluate, she offers a unique combination of therapy expertise and the appreciation of the practical real-world life experiences that face us all.  She is a Soul Sherpa.

Jon B., Danville

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