There’s a secret name inside you

That belongs to the stars

Wind, trees, waves, soul

Take what is yours and live it.

Veronica Goodchild, Songlines for the Soul

Woman in Tree

My interest in Jungian psychology is born of my home Hawaii, a land of great beauty and native wisdom, where life is deeply intertwined with nature and its rhythms.

Here, in this magical place alive with the sacred Feminine, I lost both my siblings at a tender age. This early trauma cultivated empathy and inspired my passion to explore the mysteries of life and death through the prism of women’s stories. I became passionate about integrating dreams, indigenous wisdom, new science, epistemology, and the imaginal realm to unlock feminine power.

As I dove deeper into the profession, I became increasingly aware that psychology did not value women or take their experiences, perspectives, inclusive thinking and feeling, or their spiritual wisdom into account.

I dedicated myself to exploring and describing the science and spirituality of women’s lives, the processes of growth and transformation, and the archetypal psychology of the dynamic, transformative Feminine.

This is the catalyst, the consciousness, the creativity that has been missing in world culture for thousands of years. In the last six decades, It has been revealed, reborn, regenerated, ever-accelerating with quickening intensity.

What will you bring to this next chapter?

We are carriers of the emerging possible.

We are midwifing a new story.

A new Earth. A new humanity.

The Wild Feminine weaves personal and archetypal stories and dreams together for a soulful and inspiring call to action. Through poignant, humorous, and deeply felt presentations of her life, Dr. Marilyn strikes a chord with all of us in whom the Wild Feminine is ready to emerge.

These stories are designed to awaken a feminine consciousness and bring wild feminine power and wisdom back to the world. In this book, we see how to open to mystery and learn to trust our inner wisdom. The Wild Feminine invites you to connect to your wild souls and move into the world with your intuition, creativity, and the power of love.

Forthcoming: The Way of the Wild Feminine: Dream a New Story, Draw a New Map of the World

What an ocean of beauty! The Wild Feminine gathers a woman’s deeply cherished experience of the wild feminine in stories that beautifully elucidate so many profound truths about life – those she has learned and those she has always known. Overflowing with wisdom, Dr. Marilyn’s book will be a blessing wherever it goes.

Janine Canan, M.D • Poet • Author • Editor , She Rises Like the Sun; Walk Now in Beauty, the Legend of Changing Woman; Ardor: Poems of Life and Garland of Love

I was riveted by Dr. Marilyn Default, a harrowing account of harassment at the hands of predatory credit card companies. It’s a story that no one should have to live through, and yet so many people do. Steele broadens the scope of her article near the end, touching on homelessness, poverty, illness, war—and for this too, she is to be commended.

Becky Tuch, Writer & Founder , The Review Review online

I just read your article Spider Woman Speaks published in the current SageWoman. I was ecstatic! Your words are music!  I am not alone! The final victory is not mine alone, all of us share the fruit!  We complement instead of compete. The ‘wild’ in me is now validated.

Judith R.