Though we seem to be sleeping,
there is a spirit that directs the dream that will eventually

startle us back to the truth of who we are.



Who are you?

Where do you come from?

What are you meant to do now?

One of the most powerful portals and pathways to connect to Self, to soul, is through our Dreaming. To wake up, we dream. The Aboriginals ask: What is your dreaming? What is your story? If we do not know this, we are asleep and without spiritual roots.

“It is an age-old fact that God speaks chiefly through dreams and visions.”

– CG Jung


“Dreams are the beginning. They are the seed of our ambition, the source of our inspiration, and the impetus for our creations.”

– Keola Beamer

Living in the space between the visible and invisible worlds, the worlds of spirit and matter, we find the fertile creative ground of the Unus Mundus that the alchemists speak of. It is the imaginal realm where dreams, synchronicities, intuitions, and subtle feelings awaken us to new possibilities for living. In this Dreaming Together world what is sensed and imagined now becomes possible.

After these two years of immense changes in the world, what dreams have come to you? Where are your losses? Are you receiving some intimations of a way beyond? Working actively and lovingly with your dreams, we will sift the darkness for gold. Bring the mysteries revealed in the dark or sensed in a daytime numinous experience into your body and down to earth where it can bear fruit.

Scout (grand~son) age 6: First you just see them with your eyes. Then you let them come into all the spaces of your mind so they can come alive and you can step into them.”

We will step into your dreams to bring them alive. For healing. For creative possibilities to seed new growth. For prophecy. For solutions to impassable dilemmas.

Perhaps you are experiencing a dream drought. I can help you with that. Are you having nightmares or recurring dreams? These dramatic dreams are bringing vital information which is asking to be translated and transformed. Make friends with your shadow and integrate the power waiting there for you.

Working with Marilyn on my most significant dreams has become an important touchstone in my life. The questions, insights, and exercises that Marilyn incorporates into her dreamwork sessions teach me, challenge me, and often heal me. Most recently, Marilyn skillfully guided me to process a very symbolic nightmare. She helped me not only come to peace with that scary dream, but also to tap into my own creative writing to find the valuable life lessons within the dream. With Marilyn as guide, my dreams — even my nightmares — have become some of my greatest teachers.
Dana Anderson, MSJ, AMS,
Dr. Marilyn helped me unpack a dream that was life-changing and transformative! I am still digesting all the material my psyche provided. This is powerful work. Marilyn’s depth of awareness in Jungian dreamwork and big empathic presence make it possible.
Dr. Linda Shanti McCabe,
With her knowledge of Jungian philosophy, intuitive questions, and great sense of humor, Dr. Marilyn has skillfully guided me to find the wisdom within my dreams. Working with her has transformed some confusing nighttime messages from my deepest self into fascinating tools for positive change in my waking life.
Dana V., MSJ, Author • Educator • Consultant

Dreams show us a spontaneous self portrait, in symbols and images, of your psyche as it is. We engage by asking: Why are you here? What are you trying to tell me for my highest good? Dreams are a container, a temenos, for the intelligence de Coeur, of the heart. They may be compensatory: balancing, corrective, healing, harmonizing conflicts, comparing different points of view. Perhaps they are a reaction to trauma. Indications of illness or solutions for healing. They may be helping you to make sense of the past and integrating events and experiences. Or they are bringing to consciousness new creative possibilities for the future.

They take us beyond what we know consciously, limited to ego knowing, and connect us to a deeper, richer reality of being. What is now being called into being? What is the myth yu are living? We are the knowers and the known, the participants and the creators.Dreams can reconcile our wild wisdom selves with what we have lost through familial, cultural and historical prohibitions. Dreams are one of the best sources, available to everyone, to awaken us to soul and initiate us into transformation. Bring us a new story. Everyone who dreams is a little bit shaman. We need direction form the inner world of dreams and the outer world of Nature if we are to heal ourselves and our beautiful planet.

Harriet Tubman: “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world”

Dreams show us what the soul wants in life. They will tell you the truth and help guide you to heal your soul. Nightmares are especially intense messages that are meant to get our attention for something really important.

Dreams are journeys of the soul. They can be an awakening. A healing. A warning. As messages from Spirit, they are visitations from the gods and ancestral guardian spirits, or animal allies. Like gifts or letters, dreams want to be opened, appreciated, listened to with care.

They can help us retrieve lost memories, lost parts of ourselves, or our very souls. Sometimes they bring revelation and prophecies, good fortune and new creative possibilities. In all these possibilities and expressions, the most important thing to know about dreams is they are meant to help you on your soul’s evolutionary journey of healing, growth, and full joyful expression of your very special, unique Being. Befriend your dreams so that you can find new keys to your energy and vitality, an authentic path to joy.

Navigating by dreams, by symbols, by synchronicities and intuition, restores us to the magical world which surrounds us. Life begins to feel more like a grand adventure in a very alive and enchanted world.

Dreams are a portal and pathway to your soul’s wisdom, one that gives yu creative possibilities, courage and clarity for living your fullest life. Your sul knows best who you truly are, what you truly want, what gifts you are here to give to the world, and the most auspicious path to take, where your allies are, where the outfalls and enemies are.

Strengthen your relationship to your magical Dream~keeper, the Wise Elder, the Wild Woman within, your Inner Shaman, who sees in the dark. The One who knows the way forward. When you tap into your deepest dreams and desires, you will begin to activate a magnetic field which will align energies, images, people and situations in the outer world. As these take shape in you and are expressed in the outer world, you are participating in the creation of a new story for yourself, for the new human, for the new earth.

Dreams reveal the wishes of the wild soul, calling us to move beyond ego knowing into a deeper soul wisdom. They are calling us to remember and honor our sacred contracts and reclaim our sacred knowledge and wild wisdom to heal ourselves and the world.

The Mayans say if you are not walking with one foot in the Dreamtime and one foot in the waking word, you are limping.

Though we seem to be sleeping, there is a spirit that directs the dream that will eventually startle us back to the truth of who we are.”           

– Rumi

From the age of five when my “Irish twin” baby sister died and my family fell apart, big dreams arrived to guide and companion me. Spending most of my time in Nature or in the Dreamtime was the beginning of this soul adventure and shamanic path I have been traveling since. Professionally, I’ve been studying, teaching and working with dreams for over 40 years. As a “Soul Sherpa” and “She Who Sees in the Dark” (names given me by clients) I love helping to translate the language of soul speaking through your dreams. Together we can engage the creative energies of soul to restore and enliven your vitality, sense of possibilities, magic and joy.

Dr. Marilyn offers private dream exploration and analysis via Zoom or telephone. Call 510-540-0777 or email for an appointments. If you would like to begin a dream group with at least four participants, I would love to facilitate your women’s circle with dream explorations and active imagination creative activities to carry the dreams forward.