If there is to be a change, it will come from us. Right here, where we stand.
Women were always the story-givers, the memory keepers, the dreamers.
Listen now to the land’s long dreaming.
Do you see what it is dreaming? It’s dreaming you

– Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted


Ten weeks ago we were just hearing about COVID-19. Not quite sure whether it would be serious or not, how far it would spread, we gradually recognized that this was a life-changing experience. For all the predictions about 2020 being a year of paradigm shifts, no one predicted this. For all the hopeful anticipation I had of the dissolving of patriarchal institutions and structures and the emergence of women leaders and the wild Feminine, I did not expect apocalypse.


I have been very disoriented by the enormity of Corona and need to focus on strengthening my immune system, slowing down into stillness, and listening. This is very important for you to do, also. The virus was shed by a stressed-out, toxic environment. Probably from a bat in China, or perhaps a pangolin. Wild animal kin that is not meant to be in “wet markets”, eaten by humans, or whose habitats have been encroached upon and irreparably harmed.

As a symbol of initiation, death, and rebirth, learning to see in the dark, Bat Medicine of dreaming, intuition, will help you strengthen all your senses, attuning to synchronicities, spirit messages, new knowledge needed to navigate this darkness.




Queen Kali Corona


Artist Susan Seddon Boulet


Sweeping across borders and boundaries, this is a global initiation. A passage between The End of Everything – that does not work for the majority of the world family -and what we are becoming.

The meaning of the word apocalypse is “revelation”, an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling.” What are you seeing and learning that you did not know or see before?

As Arundhati Roy said: “Historically pandemics have forced humans to break with the past and imagine their world anew. This one is no different. It is a portal, a gateway between one world and the next.



What are we becoming?
Who will decide?
Who is dreaming the new story?
What energies can we engage to imagine a world of beauty where love can flourish?

The bears have quadrupled their numbers in Yellowstone National Park. There are bears in Barcelona and blue skies over Los Angeles. And India. And China. Maybe war will cease in Yemen. Corona has reminded us forcefully that we are interconnected. And that we are made of the same life forms as Gaia. Stardust and seawater. Cosmos and psyche. Rich and poor. Brown, black, yellow, white skins.

This is a time of great awakening, not punishment. But it is a time of reckoning. The time is now for a new Dreaming, a for birthing new songlines for the wild soul.


It is only the woman who can link the new world with the old.
– Sri Aurobindo


Out of holy darkness, the womb of creation, we are being dreamt by the Great Mystery. The Universe is birthing itself through us. We recalled to go inward, to listen, to anchor ourselves in our own authority. This is the medicine we can bring to each other and Mother Earth, as co-creators, at this time. Join a group of dreamers, healers, visionaries, creatives, therapists, coaches, to explore the messages from your soul coming through your dreams.

Most of the hour and a half meeting will be for the hearing of your dreams. I will also teach from Jungian, indigenous, shamanic practices and wisdom, and world traditions and mythology of the Feminine. As we heal ancestral wounds and integrate our shadows, which are personal to us, we make space for the power, gifts, and transformation calling to us from the future.

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