Hope can be neither affirmed nor denied. Hope is like a path in the countryside: originally there was no path- yet, as people are walking all the time in the same spot, a way appears.

–Lu Xun, Chinese Poet & Essayist


Hope is not like a lottery ticket you can sit on the sofa and clutch, feeling lucky…Hope is an ax you break down doors with in an emergency… because it will take everything you have to steer the future away from endless war, from the annihilation of the earth’s treasures and the grinding down of the poor and marginal. Hope just means another world might be possible, not promised, not guaranteed. Hope calls for action.

Rebecca Solnit, Hope in the Dark



This week in the news we have seen the astounding intellect, expertise, and courage of women in the impeachment hearings. Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch. Dr. Fiona Hill. Laura Cooper. Focused. Fierce. Fearless. Along with other dedicated patriots like Lt. Col. Vindman, George Kent, Ambassador Bill Taylor, these women were especially powerful in both their ethical stands and emotional steadiness. We are moving rapidly from women finding their voices to speak against oppression and discrimination to women leading and catalyzing a shift in leadership, in consciousness. Someday we may even thank the “President” for his role in awakening and calling to action the hidden power and creativity of women.

We are beauty makers. We are mythmakers. What can we make now, as we enter the runway to 2020 and the huge shift in structures, institutions, and consciousness that we already sense is underway?

This weekend will bring the beneficent energies of Jupiter conjunct Venus at 28 degrees Sagittarius closely aligned with the Galactic Center to expand and nourish our most beautiful dreams and visions. It is shaking us to our roots. We have an opportunity for real clarity to why we have come here at this time. And how to build a future from this source.


On the 24th, as Venus conjuncts Jupiter at the Galactic Center we have a beneficent blessing not only on romantic love but on our core values. The soul assignment we were given. The creative gifts and talents we have to offer. The joy and beauty of our open hearts.

Trusting your instincts, take an adventurous risk. Breakaway from restrictive authority and claim the Queen, the Priestess, the Shaman within. Be the Adventurer, the Inventor, in a community of other women ready to put their cards on the table. Join instinct with inspiration for your wild ideas. Get fear out of the driver’s seat. Give the inner Adventurer, the Imagineer, the magician the lead. Take the lead but plan carefully. There is an expanding horizon of creative possibilities as we walk this widening path. Richer, more complex, and inclusive of all that we are, and of others. This is the leadership of the future.

Bring your own dreams for the future into focus. Here’s an exercise for the weekend: It is an auspicious time to explore and identify the dream that is trying to be born through you. The future that is calling to you. Go to a quiet place in nature, or do your meditation mindfulness practice first. Then take these three creative steps, in writing, or drawing, dancing, or collage. Let yourself play and be happy. 1) What past wounds, beliefs, ancestral pain are you now aware of and ready to release? 2) What are three core values essential to your wellbeing you want to keep and nurture? 3) What is the most beautiful and loving picture you can imagine for your future?

At the Galactic Center, the vast black hole in the middle of the Milky Way, we see into holy darkness. The womb of creation. The place where stars are born. And new stories are birthed. What did you seed this year? What is the Future Self that calls you now?

The future cannot be controlled but it can be created. It may feel like we are being sucked into a vortex of destructive economic, political and environmental news. But we are birthing a new story. It is important to tell ourselves, repeatedly, that we have the strength to succeed. We are the ancestors of the future.

Saturn is tough but bestows true authority and the power to make a change on this planet and in our lives. He means serious business, an initiation into our own authority, responsibility. Like the Hawaiian word for responsibility – kuleana– this is not just about “duty” but the privilege and blessing of being given a sacred task, the blessing of your gifts, your healed wounds, to accomplish it. Now it seems to me Ho’okuleana is even more important: the shared and collective responsibility to heal ourselves and care for our world kin and the planet. In 2020 we will gather as a group of 12 to dream this new story, and draw our maps of the world. More on that later.

The drawing together of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn is building pressure and bringing power for you to claim your own authority. Focus it. Harness it. Allow it to fuel your clear vision for 2020. Mercury has gone direct (November 20) after helping us reflect, review, refine what it is we really want to communicate. Where we want to make magic.

Herein are the Maps, Medicines, 
Mysteries and Miracles of our Mother, The Earth.

You hold the key. Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Get claimed by an idea now and commit to it. Sit like a hen on an egg. We are being dreamt by something. We are mythic beings.

The long search is bearing fruit or coming to a close. Something peaceful may settle in, sink in as you finally know what you were destined to focus on, materialize and present to the world as your gift.

We are being dreamt by something. As Barbara Marx Hubbard put it, the Universe is birthing itself through us. But we are participants, co-creators in this birth and have an exciting, awe-inspiring, urgent role to play.

We have much more power than we think we do. Saturn ~Pluto empowers and fortifies us. Tell us we can use the wisdom of our experience to reshape the world.

This year 2019 has been about going deeper into who you are and why you are here, what you want to do. Making a connection on a soul level while facing the shadows of ancestral woundings and constricting structures of beliefs. Next year: How to implement! Manifest your dreams. Your creative inner artist wants to shine.


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