My six-year-old grandson, Scout, and I were talking about what dreams we might have as we got ready for bed. He explained: “First you see them with your eyes. Then they need to move into your mind and all the spaces there so they can come alive. Then you can step right into them.” Yep.

This year 2020 began with the intense pressure of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction and stellium of planets in Capricorn, and the eclipses. But as the Sun entered Aquarius Monday, and now the new moon, hopefully, you can feel a lifting in your soul which wants to set you free. To create. To love. The Sabian symbol for this degree is “A Church Bazaar”. Even the most commonplace exchanges between social persons and individual minds is given a spiritual or transcendent sanction. The marketplace is no place to forget God(dess).

In a January 6 Day of Epiphany dream, I had a vision of a powerful act of manifestation we awakening women can do together:

I go with a group of women to a museum to look at photographs of ancient sacred sites. After looking at them for a while, we are instructed by someone, some voice, to move from looking and studying to “learn to dance”. We move into the center of the white marble floor. The dance is chaotic at first, everyone kind of doing their own thing. Then we begin to move together in rhythmic, harmonious rows, turning in four directions. We are moving the energies in waves like the classic Japanese woodcut. It is called “The Dance of Creation”.

I loved being in this dream. It made me think of the classic Japanese woodcut of “The Great Wave off Kanagawa” by Hokusai. It reminded me of the ancient story of the Goddess who danced over the Great Deep, the waters of Chaos (tchom in Hebrew), bringing creation out through her movements and breath long before the Word was spoken. In the Bible, She still represents the spirit that moved on the face of the Deep before God came along to talk the Universe into being. The Hindu Kali is another version of the dancing creator in the female heart of the cosmos.

Remember and reclaim your powers to create, wild women. Give yourself the freedom to experiment as we acclimate to the evolutionary paradigm shift. Let yourself play with possibilities.

In the spirit of Aquarius and my own birthday, I’ve changed the fee for dream consultations from $250 to $177, or a package of three for $477. This will now be the regular fee. It’s such a good time to explore your dreams. PayPal at

The Age of Aquarius is beginning, opening us to visions for a new world “where it will be easier to love.” The New Moon yesterday at 4 degrees Aquarius at 1:42 pm Pacific/9:42 pm UK is square Uranus. The Great Awakener. There could be a surprise, a shock, something revolutionary that happens. This is the fourth consecutive new moon at 4 degrees, emphasizing the number for this year of order, planning, work, perseverance, determination. A number of completion and solidity. Since Aquarius loves freedom, innovation, inspiration, anything you build can bring lasting solutions and new forms if founded in your wild genius. Your joy, your love for the world. It is perfect for initiating something connected to your dreams, hopes, visions for the larger community. You can listen to the uplifting, optimistic song from the ’60s if you want to feel inspired. I started to say “if you want a break from the impeachment hearings”, but realized there is much in those hearings to greatly uplift and inspire. Adam Schiff for one, and all the brave diplomats and public servants who have spoken truth to this mess of corruption. What is our art, what is your part to play in this moment of history?

In 2020, a year for clear vision, we begin to build brick by brick new foundations for a new life. It may be a huge shift, a revolution, from the life you have been living or thought you would live. In Chinese astrology, it is the year of the Gold Rat who is brave, adaptable, resourceful.


You must be imaginative and strong-hearted.
You must try things that may not work,
and you must not let anyone define your limits
because of where you come from.
Your only limit is your soul.

~Gusteau from the movie “Ratatouille”


Driving this week, I saw this message on the side of a truck; Celebrate your right to be original. A perfect message from Aquarius to honor your genius, your eccentricity. Do this. Celebrate your uniqueness, and embrace your choice for joy, for freedom, for love. In the midst of worldly tumult, follow the voices of your ancestors, your spirit allies, and listen to Nature. Tune into your wild genius and bring your innovations, your inventions, into visibility. It is also an especially propitious time to join with others or form new partnerships, groups, with the intention of bringing alive the new story. Bringing to life the dream of a more beautiful, just, and loving world.

Think like a mountain! Know your authority from this ground. That’s Jupiter sextile to Venus conjunct Neptune bringing wisdom, expansion, abundance to your beautiful dreams. Our highly activated imagination may grant amazing, artistic visions that call us further into magical and mystical realms. You may need to leave some of the relationships or social roles you are now in to answer that call. Gather with like-minded people, soul sisters, to sow the seeds for future collaborative enterprises or projects.

Aquarius favors efforts on behalf of the collective, groups, organizations. In a community, we are better able to amplify our dreams and support our efforts.

“But we, insofar as we have power over the world and over one another, we must learn to do what the leaf and the whale and the wind do of their own nature. We must learn to keep the balance. Having intelligence, we must not act in ignorance.
Having choice, we must not act without responsibility

– Ursula le Guin

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