Yesterday, June 30, was another day of Americans taking to the streets to show support for the immigrants detained, the babies in cages, for the protection of families. It was heartening and heartbreaking. “We care!” shouts my five year old grandson, Scout, as we walk. I worry caring will not be enough to shift the cruel course of this Administration. We are on a narrow path. And we must take action together. We stand at the threshold of tomorrow.

I want our voices to emerge with what we know to be true. We have been given a new story. And what is asked of us, as tellers of the new story, is our voice and our courage.”     Margaret Wheatley


New rules, new structures, new leaders awakened to the wild and sacred Feminine are needed. The deep collective soul wound is the estrangement from the Feminine, from the ethic of care, the creativity of connection. Claiming feminine power as a community, in collaboration, to shift us towards a more humane and caring future is the path to healing. There are some brilliant emergent leaders breaking out.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, a 28 year old  Latina running her first campaign beat a 10 term incumbent in a New York Congressional primary. Authentically herself, “a girl from the Bronx”, her campaign mantra was “no one should be too poor to live”. Everyone should have healthcare, free public education,adequate food and shelter to live a dignified life. She described her victory as “the green shoots of triumph over the deep midnight and darkness” of the political moment. It was a grounded, step-by-step campaign without big money donors.  Her achievement demonstrated the power and effectiveness of collective, collaborative, community goals and organized action. We, too, can claim the freedom to do what is ours to do. What is right to do.

There is a beautiful word and value in Hawaiian tradition – kuleana – which comes to mind. The simple translation is “responsibility” but it goes much deeper than that. It describes the reciprocal relationship between you and the things, people, issues you love and are responsible for. It speaks to the call to engage, to participate, from such a focus – the babies, the land, the ocean, the tree about to be cut down in your neighborhood park. Whatever it is that calls to you, that you love, then becomes the thing that you serve. It calls forth your heart, it brings into visibility and life your gifts. It is a privilege to know your kuleana. To believe in its value. To discover your soul aligned path is an enduring source of joy. When we join together in shared purpose, it is even stronger – ho’okuleana. Do you know your kuleana? Are you living it?

Stay grounded in your body. Find your ground, stand your ground in what you believe in. What you desire. In common sense. In community. Use your brilliant thought combined with action. Especially now though November – with Mars in Aquarius- employ a laser like focus on clarifying what you want. Create your beautiful, powerful, bold new vision to achieve a challenging, compassionate and worthy goal. Be fierce, determined, single minded, dedicated. Be disciplined, in the sense of being a disciple to serve your kuleana, to bring change. Are you doing something you really care about? Maybe it is time to revise, redo, or refine our vision. Experiment. Initiate. These are shaky times. Turbulent times. You will need a strong foundation, structure, new rules and processes. Weed out what depletes, engage where there is support for your soul mission. Step into your center. Shift from what has been to what is possible. Let the recent full moon in Capricorn give you clarity “by calling forth the elder within you to rise” ( Believe in your value. You have been given something beautiful and necessary to do. Find your ground. Know your ground. Stand your ground. Claim ownership. It is your right, your responsibility, your privilege, your honor to serve what you love and express its value. Women and feminine power are leading the way.

“The stone which the builders rejected has become the cornerstone”.   Psalms 118:22





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