We are here to build something great
(sign on a truck in front of me this morning)

We have seen what we thought was unseeable
A physicist on viewing the first image of a black hole by Dr. Katie Bouman

The war on women continues. The challenges to the rule of law. The numerous cruelties to children, immigrants. Destructive decisions that harm our beloved planet and kin. The “evil on top of the table” as Jung put it, rather than hidden out of sight underneath. We lost Polly Higgins, a lawyer for the earth and intrepid warrior. It is hard to stay focused on the beautifully preserved, the brave and brilliant victories for the wild, the signs of an emergent New Story in personal, collective, and archetypal stories of the rising of women’s leadership and indigenous wisdom. But they are here. Surround yourself with these stories, these people, and especially the gorgeous abundance of Nature in May.

19.04.28-Beltane-bug.jpgIn April, an unbelievable fire took over the magnificent cathedral of Notre Dame. I love the majesty, the art, the music in Notre Dame which makes the stones sing. And I wept to see it in flames, fearing a total loss. From the temple underneath, I thought, perhaps it was the Goddess Isis bursting through the roof in a fiery fury at the destructiveness of patriarchal religions. The beautiful rose windows, a symbol of the sacred Feminine, still remain. The heart of the holy song, the organ, survived. And the bees miraculously survived on the roof.

Old institutions are crumbling, yes. But from this purification, this dismemberment, ancient feminine wisdom, and new feminine stories arise. 

Remembering that the word for cathedral comes from cathedra– seat of authority, throne- perhaps it is the Feminine reclaiming her throne. How did the bees survive on the burning roof? In the mythology and imagery of both Egypt and Greece, especially Minoan Crete, the Mother goddess is often associated with the little honeybees -the Melissae, priestesses of the Great Mother. As Queen Bee, She is associated with regeneration, healing, magical potency, divinity. The Queen Bee and her priestesses are not only messengers but direct representatives of the gods and goddesses of heaven and the airy realms. The “spirit of the bee” primum ens Melissa grants wisdom and inspiration to the philosopher, poet, artist, musician, Bees are sacred to the Celtic goddess Brighid, bringing their magical nectar to earth from her apple orchard in the Otherworld. Her power, manifesting through bees, endures through time. In India, the Hindu Bee Goddess Bhramari Devi is said to make her home within the heart chakra where she hums. This humming of bees represented the essential sound of the Universe. Like the honeybee, The Way of the Wild Feminine today is one that honors working together, bringing sweetness, food, and medicine to the world, and fierce stinging when necessary to protect life.

On Saturday May 4th there was a New Moon in Taurus. Four corners of the earth. Four elements. Four seasons. Perseverance. Practicality. Sensuous. Comfort. Abundance. Persistence. Gratitude. It is the sign of Mother Nature. Taurus rules the second house in your astrological chart- the house of resources, of values. Ruled by Venus (love, beauty) Taurus is grounded, earthy, stable. We can make wise choices, practical and permanent choices with this Taurus moon from a calm, more aware, and relaxed state of mind. Let yourself enjoy the rich, sensual, delicious aspects of your life and this spring season. Plant your roots in the fertile land of self-care and pleasure. Make some magic.

The Sabian symbol for this New Moon: A scraggly magician in a top hat. He opens his black bag and plays some strange music on an Indian flute, whereupon a snake rises from the basket. Relax into deeper sources of energy. Try not to be distracted by meaningless things now but focus on your vision, your true values. There is much energy and momentum for your visionary imagination. This is a month to make lasting changes, with an eye towards your legacy and leadership. Tune into the deep wisdom within, hold fast to the value of your original medicine.


Chani and Sonya

The dwarf planet Eris, sister of Mars, impacts us to go the depths of what we truly love and value. Newly discovered in 2005 and drawing closer, more brightly to Earth now- the symbolic/archetypal message tells us if you can identify what you truly stand for, at the level of your deepest underlying values, desires and go into the world from that foundation you no longer need to feel helpless or unmotivated. In spite of everything, get out there anyway and do your best with soul integrity. Like the magician in the top hat, there are greater powers available to you now to overcome all possible limitations.A feminine warrior, Eris supports your deep soul intention. Greek goddess She symbolizes a challenge to the social order. She is not afraid of chaos, the dismantling of structures or upsetting the status quo.

For the first time we saw an image of a black hole, perhaps part of dark matter where 96% of the energy of the Universe is held. The photo was captured by a woman, Dr. Katie Bouman. And it was given an indigenous name, a Hawaiian name, tying the cosmic mysteries to the Earth.


The name given by language professor Larry Kimura, Powehi has its roots in the 18th-century creation chant, the creation story, of the Hawaiian people. From Po- the profound dark source of unending creation (wehiwehiPowehi is “the adored fathomless dark creation”. Also “the embellished dark source of unending creation”. From the womb of darkness, all things arise. Dr. Jessica Dempsey, deputy director of the telescopes on Mauna Kea, Hawaii said: “We described what we had seen and that this black hole was illuminating and brightening the darkness around it.” A black hole. Where most of the energy of the Universe is held and hidden, is coming to light.






In The Way of the Wild Feminine program, we begin in the West, the land of Po, the waters of creation which dissolve old structures and bring new life. In many ancient traditions, like the Celtic, the women were in charge of the wells, the source of the living waters. The first words of the Old Testament in the Bible speak of the holy spirit –which is feminine- brooding over the waters, over the chaos, from which will spring new life. It is the land of Dreaming. Of the Dreamtime.

If you can imagine it you can achieve it.
If you can dream it you can become it
– William Arthur Ward


We are part of the evolution of the Universe from the calcium in our bones to the iron in our blood.
We are entirely made of elements created in the heart of stars.
We really are children of the stars.”  

– Italian astrophysicist Margherita Hack


“I call it the path of the co-creator. Because the genius within us and the planetary crisis we’re in is calling us out to the furthest possible reach of our capacity. But if in reaching out to come into action and form we lose touch with the divine essence of our being, the action then loses its essence and the person loses its presence and its own evolutionary potential. “TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT, 2004 Forum, The Wisdom and Power of Women, at WBA Conference. (Karen Buckeley at http://www.communicore.biz)

So, I am now committing at the deepest part of my being to understanding what I call the essential self, which for me is the incarnation of the divine of each person that has within it a particular genetic genius code that deeply wants to express itself into creative action, of which free enterprise is the best form of doing it. There is no doubt about that.

If you did not have a chance to see Barbara in person, here is a video below from 2015, Barbara spoke at The Institute of Noetic Sciences. It was a riveting address.



 We are watching, participating, co-creating the unfolding and emerging of the Great Work. The New Story. What an amazing time to be alive. “You are the Universe in person” Barbara would often exclaim. And the Universe is a love story. “Our story is the birth of co-creative universal humanity. Our crisis is the crisis of the birth of an emerging species. Go tell the story.”

Uranus (the Great Awakener, revolutionary) is with Venus (love, beauty, values, and worth) for the first time in 80 years. Mercury is conjunct Uranus in Taurus -the first time in 80 years -also conjunct the sun. This is especially good for communicators and writers. Taurus urges us to ground our beautiful creations, to make them stable, solid, practical, and beautiful. The revolutionary shift that is happening collectively is very much tied to these two major themes: Feminine Power and Nature. Women’s leadership and indigenous knowledge. This is the right time for feminine, nature-based leadership. Deep past karma is being purged, perhaps even intergenerational, ancestral. It is clearing the way for you to birth what brings you most alive. What you love. What is most beautiful to you. Make your wish list. Redefine power. Revision success. Reclaim joy.

This is a very dynamic, active year bringing force, focus, forward momentum to our decisions. Uranus, the great awakener, the lightning bolt, has come to earth. To Taurus. Act on what you are receiving as a dream, like vision, as a desire that has taken root in your soul. As a song that has lodged in your heart and is pushing to be sung out loud. Look around. The old story is dissolving, crumbling, on fire. We are letting go of patriarchal destructive excesses but we are called to build something beautiful, bold, in its place. What comes out of the ashes? How will you use your feminine power, your wild soul, to build a future close to the heart of the Mother?

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