Mom TulipsWhat a glorious sunny day for May Day. Wildflowers everywhere – brilliant yellows, pale blues, fiery reds. Cherry blossoms shower their soft pink petals on the trail as I run around Stow Lake in Golden Gate Park. Turtles sun themselves on raised logs. Two families of Canada geese with their gaggles of goslings glide in the water alongside sea gulls and ducks. One gosling is so excited to be in the water, she keeps bobbing and splashing up and down in the water, then speeding up to rejoin her family. That’s the way the world feels to me today.

It is Beltane in the Celtic tradition, a name which means “shining fire”. This is a time to honor your own fires within and to marry your Masculine will with your Feminine passion. Whether or not there is an actual man in your life for this fertile spring season, the Celtic image of the Green Man refers to the greening of the earth, the coming of summer, the promise of fertility, abundance, prosperity. It is part of you. He brings strength, focus, will to the seeds of your dreams, desires, plan, projects. This is a time to consciously plant the seeds of your intentions and nurture them. It is also a good time to ask for blessings on these creative seeds from the spirit world, as the veils between the worlds is thin today. Do your work to make sure the fires of your desires are honored and tended. Be a Keeper of the Flame of your own dreams, so that they awaken, flower, blossom. This is a time of emergence from the darkness and inwardness of winter, into action and the outer world. I’ve moved from yoga to running, what I want to eat has completely changed as the season of nesting and inwardness recedes.

Enjoy the beauties and blossoming of new life in both the outer and inner worlds. Own your authority, author your new spring life story. “There are beautiful and wild forces within us”, said St. Francis of Assisi. It’s the perfect time to use them in the world.

Soon I will begin some circles and programs for women called PrimeTime Revival. If you are a woman aged 50 or older, I would love to hear about your dreams, passions, priorities for your life now. And blessings for all the brilliant fire burning in each of you.

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