Listening to NPR on my car radio, the news of the enormous explosion in Beirut and its aftermath are heartbreaking. But it was the stories of kindness, compassion, and generosity that finally broke the dam of global grief tears in me. Immediately, the Lebanese nearby began to set up online housing sources. Opening their homes, their apartments, to anyone displaced by the devastating explosion. A hotel owner assured potential guests they would be fed as well. This land of Lebanon, with so many years of conflict, war, economic hardship, has a lion’s heart of love and care.

What if we met the current darkness, losses, uncertainty with the courage of our loving hearts?

It is possible, it is essential, it is happening everywhere. This is how we awaken the dream of a new story and extricate ourselves from the nightmare of a universal world story that exiled the Feminine face of God and silenced the women.

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