Last night I attended the inspiring talk Paul Hawken gave at Impact Hub, Oakland, on the pre-launch of his new book “Drawdown: The most comprehensive plan ever proposed to reverse global warming”. Although the book is grounded in models, maps, and math -all rigorously researched- it is much more a collection of human stories, a plan of hope. A lifetime activist, environmentalist, visionary author, Paul speaks with enormous passion and monumental humility. Listening to him, I believe it can be done. More truly, that it is being done. Throughout the world, with the most ingenious creativity and powerful partnerships, we are birthing the New Story. The role of women in leadership and the Divine Feminine in consciousness is honored in Hawken’s work. And the most effective powerful solution to global warming? The education of girls and family planning. Here’s to the women and girls of the world and the celebration of men like Paul Hawken who give us such heart and possible actions to birth the new story.

From the Dreamtime, I had this dream recently which calls women to gather their power, magic and Nature’s wisdom to do whatever we can for life.

Dream: We are the Storm and the Fire

 We are attending an international women’s conference in Ireland During a break three of us women go to the cafeteria for lunch inside the large well lit auditorium. Then we walk outside following a dirt path along an expansive green field. In the distance, dark grey clouds gather along the horizon, dropping down close to the horizon heavy with rain. Slowly the wind increases, and a small tornado forms. It grows larger and then divides into three looped arms, a triple spiral. Although it is approaching us, we are in no danger and are not frightened, only awestruck as a light begins to glow from the center of the tornado. The inner fire moves outward as sparks. It is an awesome and numinous sight. We watch until it gradually dissolves.

 It felt to me as if we three women (maiden, mother, crone) were being called to meet this wild, elemental and magical power of the earth and cosmos with our own considerable inner wild powers and make them visible. In further reflection on this symbol, and the number three:

 The three realms of land, sea and sky are represented. The number three also refers to the Triple Goddess who are the three women in my dream. There are many other triple meanings: Life, death, rebirth. Past, present, future. Creator, destroyer, sustainer. Spirit, mind, body.

 The triple spiral is a pre-Celtic and Celtic symbol or “triskele” found on Irish Mesolithic and Neolithic sites like New Grange. In the spiral labyrinth of rebirth and transformation, there is motion and stillness. Action, cycles, progress, and revolution are welcomed here. The feminine way is not linear. We make progress by using the energies of action, cycles, seasons, the natural elements : water (emotion) sky (thought) land (embodied and rooted action).

Moving forward, our revolutionary progress is not made in competition but in collaboration and community. Another meaning of the three is the three worlds we inhabit: The Otherworld, where spirits, gods and goddesses exist. The mortal, material earthly world of humans, plants, animals. And the heavenly, celestial world where unseen energies live and move about. These are powerful forces – the sun, the moon, wind and water. The triskelion gives us a powerful foundation. It is a symbol of perfect balance. Focus and slow burn. Motion. Evolution. Illumination. Mystery. The Feminine. Intuition. In Nature, these three elements of Heaven, Earth, Water is the synthesis of imagination and the outpouring of energy is in action.

You will hear thunder and remember me,

And think: she wanted storms. The rim

Of the sky will be the colour of hard crimson,

And your heart, as it was then, will be on fire.

                                                Anna Akhmatova

Let your fire be as steady as your heart.





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