I know we have to remember. … I remember when we had dreamers and they knew the water and its first songs, and I remember that the dreamers found water and medicine for the people. Nan okcha. All alive. Remember.

– Linda Hogan (Solar Storms)

Our hearts continue to break with the murder last week of George Floyd and the eruption of grief and rage throughout the country. We are reminded, daily, of the presence of indifference in Presidential leadership to suffering and an inability, or lack of desire, to help heal the nation in any way. The soul of America is at stake.

In this time of global pandemic, this time of apocalypse, we are in an initiatory rite of passage. Dreaming in the Time of Corona we can bring our holy medicine to heal ourselves and the world. This is a time of radical unveiling and prophetic understanding. It is a time of reckoning. And a changing of the Gods.

How can we help?

You are a beauty~maker. A dreamer. A healer. A new story~teller. A Wayfinder. We are all being forced to go inward to find our true strength. An authority that is stalwart and trustworthy. One of the most direct portals to this strength, this vision, is through our Dreaming. I call on you now to dream strong. To bring your medicine to a burning world. Bring your “greening power” as Hildegard von Bingen called it. In this liminal time between stories, between worlds, the field is fertile with new possibilities. Wild dreams can be seeded to bring to fruit soon, soon. Bring your Dreaming to a community that can support and nourish your tender seedlings of vision to build a new world. Bring your fears, anxieties, and worries that such a world will never come. We can hold those, too, and use practices to bring us back to peace.

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