Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?   Mary Oliver

There’s a secret name inside you

That belongs to the stars

Wind, trees, waves, soul

Take what is yours and live it.

                                                Veronica Goodchild, Songlines for the Soul



daefd436b2eae106b1dde31b70fe288b.jpg2019 is a Universal “3” year. Three is the archetypal number of the Wild Feminine: Creative. Dynamic. Playful. A transformational catalyst and changemaker. This the year to bring your dreams, your vision down to earth and give them your whole hearted commitment. The next two weeks the portal is still open to use these energies for seeding your intentions sourced in your wild heart. This is your year to use and build on all you have learned, let go of, triumphed over.

Something was initiated this past weekend. A fateful connection? An epiphany about who you truly are? A revelation of your soul destiny? Or the shadows of your fear about claiming your power?

To be strong does not mean to sprout muscles and flex. It means meeting one’s own numinosity without fleeing, actively living with the wild nature in one’s own way. It means to be able to learn, to be able to stand what we know. It means to stand and to live.

                                                                        Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes

Last weekend’s Capricorn New Moon and solar eclipse energized a paradigm shift, a pivot point in our lives. They bring a call to action. Eclipses are thresholds to destiny: Closing and completing some old story and initiating a major transformational shift in our consciousness, our dreams and desires.

You are encouraged to step out and take the lead. To be responsible for building your dreams.

Match your dreams and goals with a commitment, a plan, to actualize them. Decide what you will and will not do. Although it is often characterized as a rather stern, strict, controlling fatherly disciplinarian, the steadfast sacred Capricorn Goat is the wise elder, the Council of Grandmothers holding space for wise, compassionate governance. The Council of Grandmothers is one expression of the Capricorn archetype of The Great Turning that Joanna Macy speaks about. They are the teachers, as Capricorn ruled by the Lord of Time Saturn, bringing past, present and future together to care for the next seven generations.


This will be a year of exploration, adventure, and action, building new structures and foundations. The new moon/solar eclipse January 5-6 is a pivot point -very possibly an initiatory change and paradigm shift for you.

Capricorn rules the tenth house in your astrological chart, the house of public image, achievement, your work in the world.

Capricorn is steadfast. Ambitious. Disciplined. Focused. Agile and aware. As the goat moves up steep and sometimes treacherous slopes to the mountaintop, she takes small, sure steps. Persevere. Don’t worry about taking big leaps. But do seed your intentions, begin to build the structures, systems, foundations that will support your vision flourishing.

The last 8 years have been preparing you for this moment, as we all prepare for 2020 – a convergence of planets not seen for five hundred years. Big change is afoot. Do you need a new name? Are you ready to allow yourself to accept the mantle of your Great Work and get whatever help you need to bring it to life? Get your heart energized by what you love, how you love to live. The greatest manifesting energy is not in your brain but in the deep intelligence and exceptional power of your heart. In both ancient indigenous wisdom and modern science, the heart is the most knowing part of us. “Listen with the ears of your heart” (as a dream deer once told me) to find your story and dream to make this world more beautiful. To help to create a world in which it is easier to love.


Are you a PrimeTime woman (50+) a visionary entrepreneur, a transformational leader or aspiring leader who yearns for greater access to your feminine power, your Wild Feminine soul, and a path to bring your wild wisdom into the world?


(Art: Puu’wai by Francene Hart)

If you are ready to choose more aliveness, freedom and power – If you are committed to putting soul first in your plans for 2019 -Contact me at to book a complimentary 20 minute session to explore the promises of The Wayfinder’s Journey offered to a few private clients and to groups in 6 week classes or a 6 month mentoring program beginning in February 2019.

Redefine power. Revision success. Reclaim joy.

Now it is time to identify and bring your original medicine into the open.

This can be a major turning point if you’re ready to make a big change. Perhaps adjust your vision. But choose freedom, aliveness, power.

Join the imaginal with the material world. Bring your dreams and visions down to Earth.

 If there is to be a change, it will come from us. Right here, where we stand. Women were

always the story-givers, the memory keepers, the dreamers. Listen now to the land’s long

dreaming. Do you see what it is dreaming? It’s dreaming you.”

  •                Sharon Blackie, If Women Rose Rooted

Reset. Reboot. Make a commitment to show up in a different way. To shine as you are. Unapologetic. Not ashamed. Boldly certain of where you stand, and what you stand for. Don’t diminish yourself or play small. As 2018 was a year of much inner work, descents, reviewing, possibly the blocking of your outer plans, 2019 will be a year of creativity, courage, collaboration and heart centered expression. It is important to have a clear and focused plan. For a jumpstart on learning how to marry your vision to a grounded plan, contact me for a complimentary 20 minute session We will focus on celebrating your old story, strengthening your feminine powers, calling on your dreams, finding a path to align with the call of your wild soul. Are you ready to claim a new name?

Root yourself in the nurturance of your heart and to come home to yourself. You are now at a crossroads, and it’s time to accept your beauty, your power, in following your heart.

This is your time for Mastery.

Expect yourself to succeed.

Trust that you are capable.

Something new will be birthed in 2020 , a convergence of planets that happens once every five hundred years – but is coming into view, into manifestation now. It’s time to get serious and more disciplined as you commit to placing your personal stamp on the world. Something that will endure. Your legacy. There is an opportunity to harness your imagination to enhance and accelerate the production of your Great Work.

Uranus is back in Aries for 3 more months (until March 2019). This is your last chance for the next 84 years to take advantage of Uranus (the Great Awakener and revolutionary energy) in Aries energy.

You are meant to be lit up with the fire of your heart. Accept who you are at a soul level. Enlist the help of your inner shaman, your wild and wise heart, to nurture you. Find a mentor. Join a sisterhood community. Walk your true, destined path and name your spiritual destiny. “This is how I am meant to be. This is how I am meant to serve.” Share what is profoundly true from the root of what matters to your heart. Make a promise: Now I use it. Now I take this to heart. This is who I am. This is my Divine mission, my soul assignment. I accept.







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