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I am excited to offer you this audio recording of encountering a Creator Goddess who leads the way to a new way of being, a new story. At the heart of this story is a dream of Grandmother Spider Woman who came in a dream 35 years ago. She has become a trustworthy guide as a Dreamweaver. The one who weaves us all together, from the underground to the starry skies, in a story of interconnectedness, harmony and peace. She has given you a story to carry which is both sacred and ordinary.

Come with her on a journey of discovery.

After listening to this story and Grandmother’s messages to you, use these questions and prompts as stepping stones to begin mapping your own path of power and creativity. You may want to play with actually making a map, using color or collage.

  1. The adventure begins in an ordinary way, a walk in Nature, with a pair connected by love. Who do you want to travel with you today on this adventure? Unlike the lone hero, you will be exploring these mysteries within relationships, in community. Something beautiful and magical is calling to you. What is it? Are you ready to answer the call?
  2. Grandmother Spider Woman as she appears here is an embodied wisdom being. She has two blue antennae for receiving divine guidance, then communicating and sharing it (Fifth chakra, throat). Her pink feathers speak of the Path of the Heart (Fourth chakra). Her white plumed feathers carry the energies of the Crown chakra, the Soul Star (Seventh chakra). What might your Heroine’s Journey look like when you are open to receiving Divine wisdom and communicating what you learn? Following the path of the Heart? Honoring your spiritual integrity? Grandmother Spider helped the people find a new place of emergence into the next world, as we are trying to do. She reminded them: “Keep the doors at the top of your head open.” Trust your intuition.
  3. Grandmother is very tiny, quiet, and contained. Although she has the powers of naming and transformation, the powers of weaving us all together and bringing us new stories, she is very humble. Not a warrior. A bridge builder, a peacemaker, a Dreamweaver, a helper. In a Cherokee story, the First people are struggling to create light and aren’t doing very well. A small voice speaks up from the grass” “I am your Grandmother Spider. Perhaps I was put into the world to bring light. Who knows?” Maybe you, too, have some light, some fire, that might help. What is the fire you have to bring to the world?
  4. It can be very daunting to hear a Call that asks you to step out on a new path. Have you had a dream, a still, small voice, a synchronicity or life crisis that is calling you to enter this Unknown wild forest ?What is that step? “Start close in, don’t take the second step or the third, start with the first thing close in the step you don’t want to take…” David Whyte
  5. To say Yes to the Call, you will need to leave something behind. The learned Father reading his book of intellectual knowledge sits above it all, in a cleared barren place, has told you many false things about yourself and this world. What is the old weighted story you will need to walk past to explore the wild soul territory of the forest? Discovering the Mysteries of your path to power and embodied creativity with only your own imagination and Divine guidance to navigate?
  6. Perhaps you are on your way to finding a new story about what power is. Think of a time when you have felt most powerful and write, draw, sing or dance with it. Here is one definition of feminine power that might help: “To be strong does not mean to sprout muscles and flex. It means meeting one’s own numinosity without fleeing, actively living with the wild nature in one’s own way.” Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
  7. Tse Che Nako, Thought Woman, the Spider, is sitting in her room thinking of a story now. I’m telling you the story she is thinking.” (Keres Pueblo proverb. What is that story? Write, draw, dance or sing the new story.

If you want to explore more stories of Creator Goddesses and the Mythos of feminine power and creativity, as well as deepen your understanding of your own Dreams and visions of feminine leadership, please contact me for information about Motherworld and Mothermind groups beginning soon.

The Wild Feminine