“We must come to the end before a new beginning can come to us.” – Helene Cixous

This is a singular moment, a time of transition for the world. The old order dissolves. The world is hungry for a vision, a new planetary mythology. It is emerging from women like you, carrying the energy of the dynamic, transformative Feminine, or what I call The Wild feminine.

The map of the psyche and the map of the world are mirror images of the same story.   When we restore and reclaim the wild and sacred feminine, and honor women, we heal the fragmented and unbalanced world.

This site, this blog, is a place for you to be inspired, with poetry, images, women’s stories. To connect to your creativity, to use your power and the wisdom of your intuition, your multifaceted intellect, your caring heart. For you to share your story of big dreams, bold visions, what beings you joy. We will accompany and support you. The world is as you dream it. Dream big, dream peace, dream love.

In this time of chaos, we have a wealth of possible futures, and a role as participant co-creators to play. This is the Time, the holy moment of Now. New creative possibilities are within our grasp. The time is ripe for a leap into a new order, a new consciousness. We can birth ourselves into a new adventure.  The path is not linear, nor predictable, but it is purposeful. We move along a spiral path, sometimes in turbulence for a long time, until in an instant, a seed, a small catalyst, springs us into a new being.

As dreamers, we are all wisdom keepers. We are made of stardust, we have the moon, sun and galaxies within.

We are pilgrims, pioneers, pathfinders, parents of the new story, the new world. Come out come out, wherever you are! Stick your neck out. The world needs your passion, your wisdom, your spark of insight that will transform our future.

Love what feeds you. Love your desires, they are holy. Love your challenges. Love the wild and sacred feminine energy within you and all around you. Love your fire. New lands will come from all this.

You have new stories of self to tell. You see a new map for the world. We must find ways to open a pathway, a wellspring, for others. To express and use what you have learned. Show it. Share what you see.

Do not worry that you are too small, just one person, or too young or too old or any of those falsehoods. This is exactly the right time for you to speak out and step up.

As I write these words sitting on my deck, a female Anna’s hummingbird, shimmering green with a red patch at her throat, sweeps down to the potted scarlet penstemon. As she dances from blossom to blossom, my heart opens with joy, the magic and beauty of her aliveness, and mine. I think of her huge heart, beating over 1,000 times a minute. Her tenacity and fierceness, her strength, migrating 2,000 miles twice a year. How is that possible? On cold nights, she can go into torpor, seem dead, but rises with the sun. Resurrected. Able to fly in all directions, to hover, timeless, the hummingbird carries our prayers to the gods, and returns with answers. A messenger from the gods. A stopper of time. The ability to do the seemingly impossible.

Follow the sweetness of your life. Know that you are both human and Divine. And like the hummingbird in the Pueblo story, know that the little bit of water you bring to a world on fire is all that is required. It will do. Hummingbirds remind us to be tireless in pursuing our joy, fierce in protecting what has meaning and value, that our essence is joy.

“Now is the time to know

That all that you do is sacred…”

– Hafiz

Sing your soul song. Create a song so strong it can carry us into a new future.

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