If there is to be a change, it will come from us.
Right here, where we stand.
Women were always the story-givers, the memory keepers, the dreamers.
Listen now to the land’s long dreaming.
Do you see what it is dreaming?
It’s dreaming YOU.

Sharon Blackie

Are you longing…

To be free from the shaming, taming, and fearful admonitions of claiming your feminine power?

Through in-depth psychological sessions, you will awaken your feminine consciousness, unleash your multifaceted creativity, and discover powerful, practical tools to design a strategic visionary map that becomes your personal call to action.

You will emerge with a sense of clear confidence and practical, transformational practices to strongly support you in moving through this transition with the excitement of an adventure, magic and mystery.

When you are fully alive, and express that aliveness in the world, you are honoring your soul’s assignment and will find your greatest joy. You are adding to the spiritual wholeness, the holiness, of an awakening planet.

Bringing your biggest, boldest, most beautiful dream into being is the most sacred gift you can make. Carpe Diem.



The Spiral Path

To find and embody your wild genius.


The Deep Wisdom

Dreams, symbols, and synchronicities.


Indigenous Wisdom

And the transformative power of the Medicine Wheel.


Your Creativity

Harness your imagination and confidence.


A Solid Foundation

To carry you and your sacred mission into the world.

Your greatest achievements are ahead of you.
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