We live and create, ourselves and our world, by the stories we tell. We need the true stories of women and the deep dreams of the wild and sacred Feminine to orient and guide us. It is time to recapture history and reclaim a stolen legacy.We are looking for new lands.

We are volcanoes. When we women offer our experience as our truth, all the maps change. There are new mountains.                                               Ursula le Guin

As we come to the summer solstice, we gather the power of fire, the courage of the lion, the energies of transformation, the magic of Pele who creates new lands.The most important focus is to strengthen our inner authority, to be the authors of our own lives.

Pele as an archetype is the passionate, creative and transformative force that rebuilds the landscapes of our lives and makes a new map of the world. At the summer solstice, the longest day of the year, we are called to step into our power. Fire brings renewal, the bounty of the earth, clarity, focus, and the ability to move forward and take action. Last year around this time I dreamed of a great lion with bright red hibiscus flowers behind her ears, seated on my front porch. In the dream, a writer friend told me the lion had many stories to tell. I enjoy revisiting this image often, as the lion is such a powerful animal, symbol of courage, royalty, wisdom, strength, who is also the keeper and protector of alchemical secrets. These secrets are the stories of women’s lives, long exiled to the underworld, but now emerging to map a new world.

Time for you, dear reader, to blaze a trail. Illuminate the path you have found, as a wayfinder. Be a beacon in leadership, leading with sparks of inspiration, the fire in your heart. Fire transforms situations, conditions, living and nonliving beings. Envision your new ways of being and actualizing. Ignite the visions aligned with your soul assignment. Fire is a sign of action. Entertain the possibilities that give you a tingle of energy, and take aim. Be willing to be a fool for the emerging self. You may only have a glimpse of the new big picture for yourself, for the world.The summer solstice brings power to you. It is also the time to enjoy the warmth and bounty of the season. To have fun, to play.

What does your own personal myth look like? Your soul story is your medicine. What is the work your deeper life is calling you to? What makes your heart sing? Find your myth. Reconnect to source. Bring this new story to life. “Carry your heart into the world like a life giving sun” (Hafiz) When we women tell our own stories we are creating the world, the cultural myths through which power is defined and maintained.

The map of the psyche and the map of the world are reflections of the same story. Right now, much of the world is living the deeply rooted myth of a separate self. This is changing, as the ancient indigenous wisdom and the new revelations in science reunite through the emerging wild feminine. Her stories return the missing piece of wholeness to the self and soul to the world. With our wild hearts and soul wisdom we can be wayfinders, explorers, pilgrims and discoverers. We use the wisest map which begins in the heart.

We move with the rumblings and tumblings of the waves of the future calling to us. When we work in collaboration with the energies of nature, and connect to our spiritual source, we can pull islands out of the sea.

“If you can see the island in your mind, you will never get lost” said Mau, master navigator in The Wayfinders by Wade Davis(2009)…

Can you see the image of your desired island?

Here is a short version of a manifestation practice to bring a new dream into being:

Haipule- . Hai is a root word meaning “desire or need”, “to present an offering”, and “to pursue”. Pule is a prayer, blessing, also a magical spell. When we look more deeply into the roots of this word, we find pua – to appear, pu’u – to desire, lele – to burst forth, and le’a – to succeed. In addition to the meanings of words, we are guided to the process of how manifestation happens, and is blessed. You can do this short process throughout the day.

Ha means to energize by deep breathing and remembering.

I means to affirm what you want.

Pu means to imagine what you want.

Le means to perform an action. So the process of haipule is to affirm, imagine, and act to create a new dream. When your new dream has enough energy, it becomes reality. That is, it replaces the current dream.

Longer processes of empowering Haipule engage the elements of Nature, and strengthening connection to spirit, to Source, through creative and expressive activities. (This version of haipule from shaman and author Serge Kahili King, Ph.D.)

If your dream is a collective one, like working for the protection of the environment or peace, it is most effective to do these practices in a group, in community, with collective wisdom.

Recently we lost two brilliant courageous and revolutionary women Wayfinders, Angeles Arrien and Maya Angelou. In the practice of honoring the dead by living from the example they set, we can each contribute our spark of hope, the courage of our wild hearts, our imagining the new story, the new land. This is an exciting and powerful time for wild feminine visionaries. For just a few examples: Michelle Bachelet, President of Chile, has just reversed permission for five dams which would have gravely damaged Patagonia. Martha Beck, author and mentor, has a visionary book out – Finding Your Way in a Wild New World.

There are many coaching, mentoring and online businesses which reclaim the mighty Feminine: The Essential Feminine Company (Maureen Simon), Aphrodite Academy, Goddess Academy (Elizabeth Purvis), Feminine Power (Claire Zammit and Katherine Woodward). Nancy Mills and The Spirited Woman Foundation, who reminds us in her Summer Solstice post that tomorrow is a day we will have no shadows. So if you are burdened by the shadows of self doubt, of fear of owning your full and magical powers, tomorrow enjoy your freedom to create! Discover a new island. It is calling us to come to a new, wild world of connection, peace, and harmony.

“When we come to it 
We must confess that we are the possible. 
We are the miraculous, the true wonder of this world. 
That is when, and only when 
We come to it.

~ Maya Angelou ~ (A Brave and Startling Truth 1995, United Nations 50th anniversary)







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