Every morning I take my grandson to practice walking in the sand of the Marina, watching the dabbling ducks, Canadian geese, chortling pigeons, black and white stilts with their brilliant orange legs. Scout especially loves the pigeons. Perhaps it is the majestic sweeps they make overhead, or their constant cooing, or the magical iridescent colors of their neck feathers. Monday as we walked I found myself singing “When the moon is in the seventh house, and Jupiter aligns with Mars. Then peace will guide the planets and love will steer the stars. This is the dawning of the Age of Aquarius.” I had watched an old YouTube recording of the Fifth Dimension singing this theme song from the 1967 musical Hair, and wonder if there is any hope for peace in the Mideast. So much peace near the pond yet my heart breaks at news of more dead civilians in Gaza. The children! There is absolutely no justification, no religious or political legitimacy, to the intentional harming and killing of children. None. We are the adults, the parents, the grandparents whose first priority is to care for the children. All the children.

Are our hearts on fire? In those days of the 1960’s, during the anguish of the Vietnam war, something beautiful did begin to bloom. The summer of love. The hope of a New Age, the dawning of a new day. Perhaps this could be a Renaissance of that hope. Perhaps now is the very best time to use our power to dream a new story, for ourselves, for the world.

Last summer I wrote this poem, called Heart-Bone

Once when I had yelled at my daughter,

Five years old, as I struggled to fix the garbage disposal

She said “You hurt me in the heart-bone.”

Twenty one years later,

We prepare for her summer wedding.

Deep in the earth, new life stirs.

Deep in the sky, the sister stars rise.

On my dining room table, sunflowers cluster

Like a field in Italy.

We could carry our hearts into the world

Like sunflowers.

Open and bountiful

Seeding what we love

Blessing the greening of the earth,

The one true heart-mind,


Sun fire   earth fire

Heart fire

Warms us down to the bone.

The heart is our doorway to a new story, a new birth, a new map for the world. Do not listen to the old stories that claim love is wishy -washy, the heart is weak. Those are the lies of the estranged ones, the fearful and cowardly ones. There is nothing stronger than the lion hearted. Use the light available at this time to fire up your courage. Bring yourself into the world you long to see. Power your dreams that have awakened you in the wee hours of the dark night, under the full moon, in the middle of a summer’s day.

Don’t waste time attacking dead ideas and old stories of power. Use everything – magic, intention, science – to allow a new story to manifest. Every thought you have directly affects every event in the universe. Awaken to your new dream. Take action to make it real, to bring it to life. Share your true, deep story of who you are and why you are here.

Aquarius SuperMoon August 10 is one of 5 supermoons this year. Close to the Earth and especially powerful, this is a chance to break free of the old story. We need to restructure. In the midst of struggle and the tension of old, rigid patterns, a breakthrough could come. Or a startling event that wakes you up. Time for out of the box thinking! This Full Moon illuminates supportive networks, flashes of genius, kindred spirits, quantum leaps in spiritual growth. Be true to yourself. Act on behalf of human freedom.

It is a time of magic to connect with the energies and illuminating spirit of the sun and the returning soul of the world. The practice of magic always begins with an image, an imagining. As John Lennon sang “You may think that I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one”. An image, especially a shared one, can shift us out of the limitations of our culture in a way just words cannot. It allows us to see the possibilities of other dimensions, non-ordinary reality. But seeing with the long eye, the strong eye, is not enough. Magic is nothing without will-determination, directed and intentional action, energy. The Sun, moon and other cosmic forces come together to bring us into the New Age of Light. Sun in Leo illuminates who we are and what we are to be and do.

Full Moon in Aquarius illuminates our way forward into the new world. Now we come to understand and realize our unique design and destiny for this new time. It is important to come together in groups to power our dreams.

August is the month of illumination. There are great new opportunities in this Renaissance year. On August 22-23, according to astrologer Dane Rudhyer, we enter the Aquarian Age. Our soul purpose is revealed, come to light. This is a time of global awakening, and a time for the emergence of Aquarian avatars. In Sandra Ingerman’s June Transmutation News http://www.sandraingerman.com/transmutationnews.htmlshe heard a spirit voice say “Tear up the old script.” The old story is done. Reading this was a synchronicity for me, as I had just dreamed: There is a man climbing a red ladder holding a manuscript. He is going to hand the new script to the theater troupe waiting on the stage above.

Do not abandon yourself. Accept the real you. Don’t hide your light. Become your Soul Self. Be creative. Get exercise to release tension and lessen anxiety. Dance, make music, make love, sing. And take action!

Leo rules the heart. All lights are lit. Be an unblocked channel for love. Pay attention to your dreams, chance encounters, sparks of intuition. This is a power gate of fire. A magic seed time. Whatever you focus and intend now will flower in the Fall.

Yesterday as I was driving to lunch with two old college friends, the cloudy humid sky caught my attention. There was a huge sweep of pink painterly clouds, with just a small circle of light green in the center. “Oh, there’s going to be a rainbow”, I thought, and continued to watch as it grew, the colors intensifying. Finally I pulled over so I wouldn’t miss the whole thing or have an accident. By now, there was a red streak at the top of the clouds, patches of pink, a line of yellow. The green circle had grown to a center of turquoise, surrounded by light blue. And at the bottom, the longest section of this formation, a baseline of purple.

The beautiful unbounded rainbow first shone in the colors of the heart chakra, pink and green. That is all I can think about today. What new dreams can begin in the heart? How can we carry our light and the power of love into the world? What do you love? Who do you love? Shine that light. Let your heart sing. Heal the blows to the heart bone. Take that new vision, the new project, the new dream for your life, and let her shine. The iridescent clouds showed me a rainbow so much larger than the usual closed bridge form. As wondrous as rainbows are, perhaps reality is that the entire universe is colored brilliantly like that but we only have a glimpse, now and then. Be like that with your colors, your light. Do something surprising and brand new and beyond old limitations. Be aware of your powers, the gifts that only you can give, and give them. Light your heart fire



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